Heat Shrink Tubing

Industry Electric Systems’ heat shrink tubing provides corrosion resistance and protection against water damage. Industry Electric offers the best-quality heat shrink from 2-1 to 3-1 shrink options, in medium or heavy wall to complete your electrical construction projects.  We stock and supply inner wall sealant or non-inner wall sealant options. Whether your usage is for aviation, automotive, marine, or personal use, we have the best-quality components to give you the ultimate performance. In addition to protecting your wire from moisture and other contaminants, heat shrink adds additional protection to wire and terminals.  We offer standard cut options of 6″, 12″, or 48″(tubing with inner wall sealant), as well as 100-foot rolls (non-sealant tubing). However, we are a leader of special cut lengths for various industries. Choose Industry Electric Systems to supply your business or project with everything related to electrical components and see how our products and service give you the performance you’re looking for.