Glass & Ceramic Fuses

Glass fuses are designed to specifications set by the Society of Fuse Engineers. All are 1/4 inch in diameter but vary in length according to the ampere rating to ensure accurate fuse replacement. Available in 12V, 32V, and 250V options; current ratings range from 1/4A to 250A. Featured products include Eaton’s Bussmann AGC, AGU, AGW, and AGX glass tube fuses and Littelfuse AGC glass fuses.

Ceramic fuses can currently be found in many European applications. They are also ¼ inch in diameter. Consisting of heat resistant body, the fuse element stretches over the exterior of the body from end to end. The ceramic fuses in stock at Waytek are rated at 250V with current ratings ranging from 0.5A to 15A. Featured products include Littelfuse ceramic MDA fuses and Eaton MDA ceramic fuses with time delay.