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Caribbean Database Of Documentary Heritage

Most of the surviving records of the Island Secretary Office are actually within the custody of the Jamaica Archives & Records Department. The Postcard Collection fills a visible hole in the history of Jamaica and is therefore distinctive. However, the likelihood of a quantity of postcards of this nature being preserved in one place is certainly rare and distinctive. The National Library and particularly, the Special Collections and Conservation Dept. urges patrons to make use of the postcards with care, thereby making certain its preservation for future generations.

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The letters had been written by former secretaries and curators, notably Frank Cundall. The History of Jamaica Under Lord Vaughan is of super social worth, outlining the early constitutional historical past of Jamaica. The History of Jamaica Under Lord Vaughan covers issues regarding Jamaica’s constitutional and political development, its early panorama and the conquest of the island by the English.

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Samuel Long for example was a member of the Jamaican Assembly as was Edward Long, who wrote the History of Jamaica. It is worth mentioning that the merchant firm the household owned and ran in London was a factor for so much of West Indian planters. The Longs have been additionally powerful lobbyist, belonging to the West India Interest. As such, one can not examine these individuals without additionally taking a glance at their plantations.

  • The Record Book of the Court of St. Ann, Jamaica consists of court transcripts and affidavits.
  • Maps usually comprise the structure of the estates, displaying land usage, rivers, mountains and variety of settlements.

The copy title deeds, plats, plans and accounts are of curiosity to palaeographers, particularly the reality that each doc followed a format dictated by the times. As such the Dawkins Collection is indicative of the writing fashion and document format of the instances. However, because of the lack of funds, the National Library has been unable to rent the required personnel to undertake this task on a full time basis and as such remaining workers can only progressively digitise bits of the collection.

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Many of the images are centred on Roberts, both of himself, or places the place he resided; footage that had been to go in his autobiography or pictures of his family and friends. The assortment additionally accommodates many mundane items including funds made to or from Roberts. In addition, financial institution statements and checks, belonging to Roberts are additionally included, as are telephone bills.

These dates and occasions are so integral to Jamaica’s history and development that a Letterbook that spans these main turning factors can’t be ignored. The Letterbook of the Consul of Columbia in Jamaica happened in 1844, two years before the Sugar Duties Equalisation Act and goes as a lot as 1861, 4 years earlier than the Morant Bay Rebellion. The Sugar Duties Equalisation Act had a devastating impact on the Jamaican sugar industry and resulted in frequent hardship all over Jamaica. The Morant Bay Rebellion resulted within the substitute of the Old Representative System of Government by Crown Colony Government and as such marks a defining moment in Jamaica’s constitutional historical past. As such, this Letterbook would be helpful for persons fascinated within the state of affairs in Jamaica throughout these time frames.